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July 18, 2019  

Learning Financial Lessons From Popular Proverbs

There are plenty of proverbs and axioms that aren’t meant to be about money, but we can easily learn a financial lesson from them anyway. We’ll show you the hidden money meanings behind some of these popular sayings. We have a great question from Roberta putting her entire 401(k) into company stock. And where would Scott go if we kicked him out of North America? We'll find out the answers to that question and more on today's show.

July 3, 2019  

How “Fake News” Impacts Your Finances & That Time Scott Got In Big Trouble

We all probably did something that got us in big trouble when we were kids. Just wait until you hear what kind of mischief Scott was up to when he was little. Plus, did you know you're probably being exposed to financial "fake news" on a daily basis? We'll look at some common headlines that qualify as "fake news" and teach you how to spot other problematic headlines. And Jim has a question on the mailbag about delaying Social Security some more, even though he's already 67.

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